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A command line Mix editor Command Conquer Patch 1 06

Mar 28 2013 · Olaf van der spek the guy behind XCC Mixer has specs for mixs and other C C formats on his website but they don t cover his extensions If anybody knows anything about them that would be much appreciated A command line Mix editor Theme Default Blue Gold theme

Mapping · OpenRA OpenRA Wiki · GitHub

Jul 19 2019 · Use XCC Mixer to find and convert the wsa animation to a set of png files They are located inside general mix Find the frames that correspond to the full map with and without the mission arrow and open them in your image editor of choice Select and erase black background from both images and then copy the two layers into one image

XCC mixing 101 Project Perfect Mod

Sep 17 2008 · Under request of Biohazard I put this together It covers the most basic functions of the XCC mixer and XCC editor XCC mixer 1 in the left column in XCC mixer you can browse through your computer just like in Windows Explorer You can either hit

XCC Utilities download SourceForge net

Download XCC Utilities for free Utilities for Command Conquer Dune 2 000 Tiberian Dawn Red Alert 2 Tiberian Sun Renegade and Generals

XCC Mixer Converting PCX files to Voxel Project Perfect Mod

Apr 22 2003 · Full news coverage and modding support for Command Conquer games such as Red Alert 3 Tiberium Wars Generals Red Alert 2 Tiberian Sun and expansions We also provide help and tutorials for modders public researchs and a C C community in

KK2 KK2 1 Mixer Editor simply explained for non

May 10 2015 · I have put this together to try and simply explain how to configure your KK2 flight controller for using with non symmetrical frames Took me a while to get my head around it so hope this helps

Adding New Factions to Command ämp Conquer Generals

Feb 25 2008 · What we do now is add the names that show up ingame Open XCC Mixer and click Launch string table editor open Navigate to the ZH directory go data english and open generals csf You will need to add a couple entries In the INI setion ad

Command Conquer Red Alert 2 Modifying Game Text

Apr 22 2003 · Full news coverage and modding support for Command Conquer games such as Red Alert 3 Tiberium Wars Generals Red Alert 2 Tiberian Sun and expansions We also provide help and tutorials for modders public researchs and a C C community in

How to edit dds Textures Turn things different colors

Aug 29 2018 · GIMP for image editing is a free tool and my tool of preference when it comes to doing anything texture related It can do a lot of things and is as good as one can expect from free software XCC Mixer is the tool most commonly recommended by W3DHub staff and it is the tool currently used for always dat management

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Xcc mixer download Henan Mining Machinery Co Ltd Download XCC Utilities 147 for Dune 2000 XCC Utilities is the defacto set of tools for modding classic CC games XCC Mixer allows you to create and modify the games mix files and convert game files to other formats such as aud to wav XCC AV Player allows you to watch the games VQA video files XCC Mix Editor allows to to create mix files

XCC Utilities v1 46 file C C Yuri s Revenge Mod DB

Apr 03 2012 · XCC tools that are used to create mods for Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 Setup file will install an archive tool launcher tool tmp terrain editor archive viewer project manager and video player Hello guest register or sign in XCC Utilities v1 46 file C C Yuri s Revenge

Edit Sound files on XCC Mixer for RA2 Modding Discussion

May 12 2018 · With some research i understood that to edit this i need XCC Mixer and i managed to insert quotes alongside the other quotes i did it by doing XCC MIXER Lauch XCC sound editor Now how to link the quotes to a specific unit Thank you

List of Dune II Editing Tools Dune Editing FED2k

Sep 22 2009 · XCC Mixer The number one tool for editing many of Westwood Studios games XCC Mixer allows you to view and extract the contents of PAK archives as well as convert graphics and sounds to Windows recognized formats Quick reference How to set up XCC Mixer for viewing Dune II graphics WestPak2

XCC Utilities XWIS

XCC Utilities This archive contains XCC AV Player Editor Mixer MIX Editor Mod Creator Launcher and TMP Editor XCC AV Player This is a program that allows you to play the audio video files of C C Tiberium Dawn and C C Red Alert directly from the MIX files

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Red Alert 2 Easter Egg Does Westwood Have an Obsession

How to find the Does Westwood Have an Obsession with Monkeys Easter Egg in Red Alert 2 Here are several cases in which Westwood has hidden something to do with monkeys For the first case all you need to do is go into XCC Mixer and go to File Found Red Alert 2 ra2 mix when that opens up go to isotemp mix after that scroll

YR Argentina The Place For All Your RA2 YR Needs

XCC Mixer Basic Use Submitted by ArgCmdr This tutorial will introduce you to the basic features of XCC Mixer and its use This will teach you some of the features and menus plus what each file format is or how to convert to those formats

XCC Sound Mixer Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun Editing

Mar 12 2013 · XCC Sound Mixer posted in Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun Editing Hey everyone I am currently trying to add new unit sounds to YR but the sound mixer wont let me drop the WAV files into it I am able to drag them over but when I drop they dont show up in the list Does anyone know what could be wrong the WAVs are correct I believe 22050 Hz 16 bit mono Any help would be greatly

XCC Utilities Comes with XCC Mixer file C C Generals

Here is the download for the XCC Mixer This is what you need to follow my How to guide for adding cameos to C C Generals Preview Comments Wurthath Feb 2 2013 hi everyone im wondering if xcc mixer is all i need to do the cameos im running Generals zero hour with shockwave 1 1

XCC Mixer Problem Editing Discussion CNCNZ com Forums

Apr 29 2004 · yeah i found out that somehow all the images i worked on got saved in a 24 bit format i dont know how to change a large quantity of them back into 8bit im looking for a program to use to change them all at once but if you have any suggestions id like to hear them they are all PCX files that i edited all 200 something and i cant go through every single one changing it into an 8bit

PC Red Alert 2 Hướng dẫn cơ bản về XCC Mixer và XCC

Mở XCC Mixer Editor chọn New và tạo 1 file mang tên Ecache02 mix nếu mod cho ra2 hoặc Expanmd0 mix nếu mod cho yuri lưu file này vào cùng với nơi chứa game nhé hiện tại 2 file này trống ko chẳng có gì cả nó đang chờ bạn cho các file do các bạn tạo ra đó

Editing Units Command Conquer Red Alert 2 Tutorials

InvisibleInGame Building cannot be seen on selected in the game only in the editor def no PowersUpBuilding Building that can be upgraded by attaching this building to it PowersUpToLevel Amount of upgrade provided by this attachment 1 incremental upgrade Positive number is

XCC Utilities Command and Conquer Wiki Fandom

May 16 2012 · XCC Utilities is a mutual name for several fan made tools used to create mods for older Command Conquer games supporting all of them from Tiberian Dawn to Zero Hour as well as some other Westwood Studios games completely or in major part They were created by XWIS operator Olaf van der Spek Contents show Included tools Mixer XCC Mixer is a program that can open and create

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XCC Mixer FreeServers

The mix files are the backbone on any editing They contain all the goodies The XCC Mix Editor is unique in that it actually decodes the mix file instead of hacking it with offset values This is what allows you to view and extract all the files in he mixes even the unknown ones

Project Perfect Mod

Aug 21 2008 · To make new mix files you can use XCC Mixer too Don t use XCC Mix Editor as this tends to corrupt mix files For that copy an original mix rename it to ecache02 mix open it delete all the stuff inside and then add your own new files like vxl or shp

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XCC Mixer Alpha RA2 mix mixshpvxl256 PNG mix XCC Mixer Alphach Alen XCC MIX Editor

XCC Mixer on ModEnc the Command Conquer Modding

XCC Mixer is the most popular and useful utility in the modding community It is vital to any modder as without it you can t extract any files from within the game no rules to edit no mod

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